“The days of spring are here
Warm sunny days are near
Birds in trees, flowers and bees
The days of spring are here.”


Our topic for this term is ‘Traditional Tales’ and we will be bringing different stories to life in all areas of the curriculum and in our class’ ‘Traditional Tales Theatre’.

Topics explored...

This is out first traditional tale that we have enjoyed learning to retell and explore further. We worked in partners to make a model of our chosen pig’s house; either made of straw, sticks or bricks. We learnt how to turn a box inside out and reassemble it. We then chose the colour we wanted and painted the box and finally added finishing touches using natural materials or textured sponge painting. We were all proud of our creations and have them on display in our classroom now.

We read this story next and have done some wonderful descriptive writing to create ‘Wanted Posters’ for the Big Bad Wolf. We thought about what the character looked like and what he acted like. We then used our ideas to create the poster and drew a picture of him too.

Little Red Riding Hood wrote us asking for help! She had been collecting flowers for Granny in the woods and had got wet from all the rain. She asked the children to investigate different materials to find out what would be a good choice to make a new hood out of. Which material is waterproof?

We investigated four different materials; plastic, wool, paper towel and cotton fabric. We used pipettes to add water to each material and observed what happened next…

We found out that plastic was the most suitable choice for a new hood for Little Red Riding Hood!

We have continued our topic with this traditional tale and have been learning about being healthy with the food we eat and being active. We learnt it is important to have 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each and 8 cups of water. We have also been doing daily exercise on the school playground being ‘Gingerbread children’. We can nearly run as fast as the Gingerbread Man!

On Thursday 7th February we visited our local river, the River Avon, to look at the features of our environment including the old and new bridges. We completed observational drawings of both bridges and compared how they were the same and different. We found out that the old bridge was made of bricks and the new bridge was made of stone and concrete. Cars and other vehicles can go on the new bridge because it is stronger than the old one. We counted the arches on the bridges; the old one has 6 and the new one has 3. We enjoyed crossing the river over the old bridge and thinking about where the river flows to next.

We started back after half term with this story and have been learning about story maps. We worked brilliantly with each other to create a story map which we then used to orally retell Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We focused on changing our voices when being the different characters and enjoyed listening to each other doing this! These are on display in our classroom for others to see.

We have also been learning about size and had a class challenge to sort the Three Bear’s belongings. We compared the objects and worked together to order them from biggest to smallest so that we could make sense of who the items belonged to.