Reception Class RE

Holy week

We continued on our Lenten journey through Holy Week and learnt about what happened with Jesus during this week. We started with Palm Sunday and acted out this story in class using palm leaves that we had made and shouting ‘Hosanna’ as we rejoiced with the crowd who had seen Jesus on that special day. We learnt to new technique to make our palm leaves called weaving and all worked hard to make the patterned leaves with paper. We played a freeze frame game too and shared our ideas on the thoughts and feelings of Jesus, his disciples and the crowd on that special day.

We learnt about The Last Supper and acted out this story too imagining what it would have felt like to share the bread and wine with Jesus on that day.

We have started learning about Lent and how this special time of year is when we can focus on being more like Jesus. We each made our own Lenten promises that we shared during our collective worship in class. We also collaged the word ‘Lent’ using a range of purple coloured materials. We will use these to decorate our classroom altar.

In Reception Class, collective worship is a special part of our day where we gather, listen and talk with God. The children help to prepare this by choosing objects from the class altar and other places too. This may include candles, our statue of Mary, our ‘Circle of Friends’, the Bible, our prayer bear, our prayer tree and natural objects from the world around us.