Pre-school Weekly Round-up Advent

Hopscotch have been learning about what Advent means.  The children noticed that the RE board had changed colour, from green, to purple, and they now know that Advent is about waiting and preparing for Jesus.  The children mixed and kneaded salt dough, cut out crosses, then painted them, thinking about which colours they needed to mix to make purple.

Last week it was also time to unbox the decorations, and the children used many skills, working together, to hang tinsel and small baubles on the tree.  They found that it is great fun to take them down and rehang them in a different way.  It is also helping the children’s counting to get better, as they have been spotting how many baubles there are on the tree, and solving problems such as how many there would be if we added one more.  The children are taking turns in opening the advent calendar, and telling their friends what is behind each door.  Waiting for their turn is sometimes difficult but they know that they will all have chance to have a go.

Last week the children’s mark making saw them writing and decorating cards to for their families.  Even our smallest children are strengthening their hands in order to hold pencils.  Everyone enjoyed decorating bags in preparation to take home their work.  The children also learned, or practised design and technology skills of cutting, gluing and curling strips of paper correctly to make chain decorations.

Concept cat had a good time helping them to think of words associated with Christmas.  The children practised good conversation skills, whilst having fun thinking of new vocabulary.

Behind the scenes, the staff and children were practising for their Nativity performance with Reception.  All the children were amazing and put on a great show for the rest of the school and their special adults.

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