Pre-school Transport Week 4: Boats

This week was the final week in our transportation learning. We finished with the story, ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’ by John Burningham, which led our boat themed opportunities and activities.
We engaged with lots of different construction, creating boats from wooden blocks, large Duplo and using the chairs and materials within the classroom.
Whilst on the boats we acted out the story, with Toyah being Mr Gumpy first. We had so many animals and children in our boat that it tipped over and we had to swim to the grass for safety. 
We also used potatoes to print shape boats and painted pictures of boats in lots of bright colours and sailed boats in water play and collected treasure from the secret island!
Our mathematics learning opportunity involved us catching fish with different numbers on. We are getting so clever at recognising numbers and using our fingers to represent these numbers, the ladies are very proud of us all. 
We investigated the forces; gravity and buoyancy with floating and sinking activities. We made a foil boat and counted how many animals we could add on it before it sank, we got to 14! We also explored different fruit to see which would float or sink. We were all surprised to find the banana floated!

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