Pre-school Transitions Week

The older children in Hopscotch have been thinking about their next steps in their education as they transition into Reception Class.  They have been enjoying learning how to dress and change into their school uniform and PE kit.  Each afternoon they have been practicing different sports activities, thinking about the Olympic games and what it is like to be an athlete, or sports person.  They also made banana sushi and learned about different Japanese foods as part of the PTA Olympic Fun Day.

In maths we thought about the same and different, and how we could group items.  The children became really good at using their words to explain how they chose to group the items.

The older children used the boats they had designed last week to make up a story.  They thought about settings, characters and problems and then rehearsed the story several times, using actions and retold it to the younger children.

The children also made sensory bags this week, thinking about pirate treasure and chose lots of different items such as feathers, sequins and glitter, before adding sand or rice and sealing the bag.  Then each time they squished the bag we talked about what we could see.

Finally, the older children enjoyed a celebration of their time in Preschool and showed off their PE skills to their parents. We finished off with a fruit juice ice lolly in the sunshine, before running up and rolling down the hill!

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