Pre-school Takes to the Skies

At the beginning of the week the snow transformed our garden into a winter wonderland. We enjoyed exploring the snow and ice as we walked; it made a crunchy sound! 
Our transport theme led us into investigating airplanes, with the support of the story, ‘Amazing Aeroplanes’ by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker. We created paper planes and had races together, observing which plane flew the furthest. We also made helicopters out of egg boxes and added propellers that span. 
In the story we noticed that the characters on the plane were served food and drink from a hostess trolley. We decided we could also do this at snack time. We used a trolley and took turns to serve each other our snack. We used great communication skills, asking what food our customers would like to eat. We also had lots of fun using the walkie talkies to talk to each other. Pretending we were captains of the plane with the intercoms. 
We investigated weight and capacity by packing bags and suitcases with clothes and other items. We then extended this during the week by estimating which item might be heavier or lighter. We all agreed that a cat is heavier than a mouse. 
Lots of children took an interest in drawing and writing this week, using the white boards to create some fantastic artwork.  We also drew on maps, marking the spot where the treasure was buried with an X.

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