Pre-school: Senses Week

Hopscotch continued to think about their bodies and explore the world around them using their senses last week, focusing on touch.  They used different materials to decorate outlines of their hands, thinking about the vocabulary of how they felt when they touched the different media.

In maths the children are learning to count using 1 to 1 correspondence.  They enjoyed lining up some large pine cones, making sure they used one number for each cone.

The children explored lots of mark-making opportunities around the classroom using pre-writing skills.  They enjoyed making patterns of straight lines and circles using chalk, paint and mud.  A favourite activity was to create some leaf rubbings using their pincer grip to hold wax crayons.  It was exciting seeing the lines the leaves made.  In Forest school the children explored the patterns in the mud using sticks; they liked how their wellies made patterns too.

Our RE topic is Creation, which was a new word for their vocabulary this week.  The children looked at a globe and thought about how amazing God was in making the world.  They created their own artwork of the world, using paper plates, with green and blue paint and tools such as sponges, pegs and corks…all whilst singing a new song: ‘He’s got the whole world in his hands’!

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