Pre-school Round up

Last week pre-school had lots of fun looking at this year’s Take One Picture painting, Henri Rousseau’s ‘Surprise’. They were fascinated by the different shapes and colours of the leaves in the painting and made their own leaves out of tissue paper. 
 Through discussions about the painting, the children talked about the minibeasts they would hope to find if they visited the jungle in the picture, and set off on their own real life minibeast hunt in the school grounds. They used a minibeast picture card, of common ones that can be seen in this country, and worked together to see how many they could spot, crossing them off as they went. 
In RE the children made peg board crosses and worked on developing their fine motor skills.
Great fun was also had during their sensory afternoon where the children lay down while staff wafted some translucent material up and down over them. Lots of great language and vocabulary came out of this session when the children tried to describe what they could feel using their sense, and how it made them feel inside. The session also included stroking (and being stroked with) feathers, bubble play and listening to relaxing music. What a lovely afternoon.
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