Pre-school Round-up: Trucks Week

Hopscotch have continued their journey looking at transport and enjoyed finding out about trucks.  We read Tough Trucks, by Tony Mitton and enjoyed the rhyming words in the book.

The children have been thinking about how to write their names, ready for moving into their next class, and enjoyed using the whiteboards and pens.  Some children also had a go at tracing the outlines of trucks, which proved tricky but they persevered. 

In maths the children got to play with Numicon, which is a fabulous resource where we can look at numbers through shape. This enabled the children to practise their counting (one-to-one correspondence) and talk about the shapes they saw.  They used Numicon to begin to add, and recognize when a Numicon shape equaled a number.

Earlier in the week Lorraine and Christine, from the Starting Well Partnership, visited our parents at our Stay and Play group.  They helped our very young children create pictures of themselves, thinking of things ‘all about me’.

In our outdoor learning session, the children looked at the textures on leaves and made rubbings.  It was tricky to control the crayon, but with a little patience they found that they could make a rubbing that was detailed enough to see the marks of the spine.

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