Pre-school Round-up: Firework Week

Hopscotch enjoyed learning through Fantastic Fireworks last week.  The children enjoyed a story about a girl going to her first firework display.  This taught them how to safely use sparklers ready for each of them to have a go with a real sparkler.  The adults helped to keep them safe.  The learning continued by looking at lights and exploring the light of a Van De Graff generator.  The children made their own static electricity by rubbing balloons on their heads and trying to make them stick to the wall!   

The children created firework pictures using chalks, painting with tiny cotton buds and used photographs of a firework display.  On the art table the class made their own sparklers by rolling tiny tubes of paper then sticking on frills for the sparkles-great practise for their scissor skills. 

Last week was also UK Parliament week, and even our smallest children learned about democracy through voting.  Each day they voted for the food they would like to have at snack time.  Each child used a cube to put next to the item they wanted.  After voting they counted the cubes, and used their maths skills, to decide which one had the most votes. 

It was another busy week in Hopscotch, but there was still time to practice prewriting skills with some foamy fun in Squiggle While You Wiggle!


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