Pre-school: Remembrance/Red Week

Last week the children at Hopscotch enjoyed learning through the colour of red, which helped them to think about Remembrance Day.  Lots of people were wearing a red flower and the children wanted to discover why.  We watched a clip that helped us begin to learn about why people wear poppies. 

It was fun to name colours, collect and match items and notice the different shades of red around the classroom.  We made poppies on sticks, thinking of how to use a paintbrush and control our painting.  Others used tweezers to pick up pompoms and count them onto poppies.   

During maths we were introduced to Numicon, and discovered how we could count the holes.  We were able to draw around each piece and talked about the shapes they made.  Some children even used them like jigsaws to begin to add numbers. 

‘Squiggle while you Wiggle’ gave us opportunity to exercise our fingers in a fun way.  We use shaving foam on tables and on a stand, enabling us to make large gross motor movements, as well as using our fingers as writing tools. 

Concept Cat has been teaching us lots of positional language recently.  This week we used the word on, to help us describe where objects are.    

It was lovely on Monday to welcome in parents with younger children, to join us for our Stay and Play session and we enjoyed singing together, playing and learning together.

Next week we continue our Celebration of Colour topic and explore Diwali!

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