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Reading promotes brain development and supports children with achieving in all areas of learning.  Reading supports good listening and attention skills, enhances communication development by consolidating the meaning and understanding of words and the introduction of new vocabulary.  It also ignites the imagination and teaches about emotions.

In pre-school early reading is entwined within the routines and activities of the day and many of our topics are inspired by books.  Early reading skills are promoted through rhyme, developing phonic awareness, alliteration and discriminating between sounds. 

We use story sacks, puppets and props so we all can get involved in the story.  We listen to audio stories which helps us to use our imagination and we often act out stories together.

Pre-school are regular visitors to the local library where we enjoy choosing books independently and with friends.  We also have a book to take home each week from pre-school to read with our families.

Mrs Sanders

Mrs Sanders loves reading; especially anything by Roald Dahl. 


I have always enjoyed reading. My family were always reading.  We had Friday night weekly trips to the library, which was so exciting because I could get many books; I often couldn’t carry the pile I had chosen.  That night I was always allowed to stay up a little later to read.  My parents would also take me to the local bookshop so I could spend my pocket money.  There was something so exciting to be the first person to open and read that book.  I felt as if the stories were written especially for me.   


My favourite books as a child were magical stories that would whisk me away to a magical lands.  I especially loved the magic of The Far Away Tree.  I remember my parents taking turns to read me The Jungle Book and being enthralled in this wonderful world of animals.  I have always loved poems too, which gave me a love of anything by Dr Seuss, which I have read many times to my own children.


I have had many favourite authors whist growing up, but the ones that have stuck with me include C.S. Lewis who wrote the Chronicles of Narnia; E.B. White who wrote Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little; and E. Nesbit who wrote The Five Children and It.


I love collecting children’s books and have filled two book cases!  My children are much older now but I love bringing in my books to read to my class.  Julia Donaldson and Roald Dahl are definite favourites…but I still always get excited by reading anything by Dr Seuss.


Now that I am all grown up, I still love to read.  I must have been good last year because Father Christmas bought me a Kindle.  I love being able to take my virtual book anywhere to sneak a few pages in.  I am currently reading Harlan on the Woods.

Reading is important to Clare.

She enjoys reading picture books with the children in pre-school, and retelling them using puppets. It brings back lots of happy memories of reading with mum when she was a child. Now she loves to read in her spare time, especially when on holiday!

Book as a hook!

Just like in the rest of the school, we use a “book as a hook” to support our learning.  This means that our theme and topic based learning is inspired by, and linked to, specific books.  We have  enjoyed many “books as a hook”.  Here are links to some we have enjoyed so far (click on the picture to go to the page):
srecipe books and maps.
We also love to use non fiction books to aid our curiosity and learning.  In our role play we can often be found other reading material such as magazines, brochure
We also love to use our class bibles and bible story books as our hook and inspiration.  We just can’t stop reading!!!

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