Pre-school: Minibeast Hunt

Last week Hopscotch were very busy learning about minibeasts, using the book ‘Bug’s Big Adventure’. 

The children were keen to share what they already knew about different insects and minibeasts. Afterwards they went on a bug hunt in our Eco garden to see if they could find any of the ones they knew about, or spot some unfamiliar ones.  They used clipboards and a spotter sheet, crossing each insect off as they found them.  We were all surprised at the varied places that we found the minibeasts.  The children particularly enjoyed finding worms: especially in the compost heap!

Back in the classroom there were lots of great minibeast focused learning opportunities.

Our children love learning new vocabulary, and this week gave them the chance to discover the word ‘habitat’, and its meaning.  They carefully placed worms on some soil and watched them bury down, as we shone torches, imitating the sun.  This investigation helped the children to learn that worms prefer the dark, which helped them decide where to look for worms: in dark and damp places.

This week the children’s maths knowledge helped them to build repeating patterns; using fine motor paint sticks, and large building blocks in the outdoor classroom.  The children also counted cubes to make patterned worms and beads on pipe cleaners.  Keeping their fingers busy is really good for their development.

Concept Cat taught the children the concept ‘heaviest’.  They found it a bit tricky to describe, but persevered when working together to find out which buckets and pots were the heaviest when their friends filled them up.

One of our wonderful parishioners gave us a packet of cress seeds this week.  The children planted the seeds, making insect shapes and now we can’t wait to watch them grow.  Before they planted the seeds, the children used squirting bottles to mist them with water.  The children knew seeds need soil and water to help them grow, so we made a little experiment, covering one with black paper, and one with no water, to see what would happen.  We’ll show you next week what happens!

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