Pre-school: Commotion in the Ocean

Our children in Pre-school showed an interest in sea animals, so this last week we read the book ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ by Giles Andreae.  We enjoyed the collection of rhymes and learning about new animals in the sea. 

We used sea animal toys to learn about weight, deciding which toys were heavier or lighter.  Some children played with cubes to begin to measure, using different mathematical language to explain what they had discovered. Some children practised their number recognitions with magnetic fishing rods to catch different numbered fish, and writing numbers. 

Water featured in our play: outside we discovered numbers in the water tray and inside we matched different starfish, noticing similarities and differences, then used special water-colour tablets, watching them dissolve and mix. Our younger children even worked on developing their gross motor skills by washing the windows for us!

The children also enjoyed sand play inside and outside-exploring their senses with wet and dry sand.  They hunted through the sand for the letters in their names.

On our mark making table we used sea animal stampers to make pictures.     

During our Forest school session, the children took part in some pond dipping, finding very small animals, including a froglet.  We were also lucky enough to visit the chicks in Reception class, and showed how caring we were when we held them.


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