Pre-school: Christmas!

Pre-school’s final week of the Autumn Term was full of crafty fun and goings-on.  As different children attend on different days, we hosted lots of activities that meant everyone could be involved.

On Monday we held a baking session, with party games; wearing our Christmas pyjamas and jumpers!  The children made shaped biscuits to decorate, including some for our craft afternoon.  The children chose their own party games, including ‘Pass the Parcel’, which helped them learn about turn taking. Each unwrapping saw us singing different songs.

Tuesday afternoon was our whole class Christmas Craft afternoon, where we invited all children and parents.  Everyone had a wonderful time making and creating decorations and gifts, such as hot chocolate cones, magic reindeer food, and salt dough footprint decorations.  There was a surprise visit from Father Christmas, who brought a gift for every child.

One of last week’s activities was to ‘write’ to Father Christmas, so on Wednesday we took a walk to the post office.  Along the way we spotted many reindeer; some lit up on people’s houses, some in shop windows.  Finally, we walked to Baristas coffee shop, where we enjoyed a hot chocolate, after singing carols to the delight of the other customers.  Elf Chris gave us all marshmallows and we all got to take home a wrapped present from the coffee shop staff.

On Thursday we enjoyed another walk, this time spotting lots of Christmas pictures around Abbey Park.  We had to use positional language to tell Elf Leah where they were hiding, then saying if they were the same or different.  On our way home we visited the Library, where we settled down to a story, and enjoyed looking at the Christmas stories they had there.

It was a very busy week, but as usual the children have all been amazing.  Happy Christmas, and see you all next year.

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