Pre-school Christmas Week!

Our final week of the year saw our littlest children being very busy indeed.  Pre-school enjoyed several frosty walks, but also managed to pack in lots of festive learning too.  The children were very busy learning to write their names on cards, as well as preparing items for their family craft session, and making paperchains to decorate the classroom.  They helped Anna and Leah making special cloud clay, before cutting out shapes to paint. 

In the outdoor classroom, we noticed some footprints that didn’t look like ours!  With some investigation we found out they were from some visiting birds.  We compared our footprints, then made festive pictures with animal foot prints, using white paint. The children then made some bird food and filled up our bird feeders, to give the birds a hand over the Christmas period.

The children enjoyed opening our advent calendar each day, recognising the numbers that counted us towards Christmas Day.  Each child has understood that waiting is an important skill, and sometimes very exciting!


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