Poetry at Nightingale Lodge

On Monday 14th October Year 6 and Nightingale Lodge in Pershore took part in ‘Poetry together’ – a nationwide initiative bringing schools and care homes together.

Both groups spent time over the past weeks learning the poem ‘The King’s Breakfast’ by A A Milne.

Year 6 then went to the care home and performed their interpretation of the poem. They watched the poem being performed by the residents at Nightingale Lodge and then both the young and old performed it together.

It was a fantastic learning experience for the children. They were also eager to share some poems they had learned for the school poetry competition last Summer and the older residents were delighted to recite their favourite poems to the children, who were very impressed with the length of the poems and the high standard with which they were performed.

The children were praised for their amazing social skills and were congratulated on how well-spoken they were. It was such a privilege for them to spend some time chatting with the residents and sharing stories with them after the performance.

It was an afternoon of fun, sharing and learning from each other. Year 6 were also very happy to be treated to drinks and chocolates before we set off back to school.

We are looking forward to visiting Nightingale Lodge again at Christmas to sing carols together.


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