Pershore Carnival 2015



This year’s carnival theme was ‘Sport’. We decided to take a local, historical theme of the ‘Land O’ Plums Race’. We wrote a chant to share a bit of information with the crowds:
We don’t know what you’ve been told,
but the Land O’ Plums Race is really old.
Started in 1899,
Pershore’s where they crossed the line.
Croome Court was the start,
So grab your horse and come and take part.
On your marks, get ready, get set…
Holy Redeemer will take your bet!
The float was split into three sections: the race course, where jockeys rode their hobby horses round the course, the enclosure where the Lords, Ladies and other gentry watched the race barked at by bookies, and the sellers section, where tradesmen and women vied to sell their flowers, pigs’ trotters, strawberries and ginger beer.

It was a fantastic day enjoyed by pupils and staff alike and everyone’s energy, enthusiasm and hard work was rewarded when we won ‘Best Motorised Float’ and ‘Best Float Overall’!


Thank you to everyone who took part, especially to those staff who gave up many hours to help make props. paint cardboard friezes, tie everything onto the float on Saturday, move benches and props etc and do finishing touches on Monday morning and then helped dismantle it all and bring everything back to school once the carnival was over.

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