Mission Statement:

Through the Holy Redeemer, we seek to grow in faith and love, to become great people who make a difference in our world.

PE at Holy Redeemer

Our aim:

‘Fostering a life-long passion and enthusiasm for PE, sport, fitness and healthy living, and a pursuit of finding a sport, or type of exercise they love.’


To create a high-quality physical education curriculum, which inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities, and to provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness.
To provide high quality opportunities for children to compete in sport and other activities, build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.
To ensure that all pupils:
 develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
 are physically active for sustained periods of time
 engage in competitive sports and activities
 lead healthy, active lives.


Holy Redeemer PE curriculum is mapped against the National Curriculum for PE, is ambitious for where PE education might lead our pupils and is underpinned by the children’s needs for resilience, life experiences and independence. It is further influenced by the goal of preparing children for the next stage of their education, so that our pupils are secondary ready by the end of Year 2.
PE also follows the School’s ethos in being passionate about maintaining breadth and depth, not just across the curriculum, but also with each curriculum area. With this in mind, our PE curriculum offers a wide range of PE experiences, not only in terms of lessons, but also with regard to wider enrichment opportunities, such as festivals, competitions, before and after school clubs, PE intervention for targeted children and leadership opportunities.
All classes have at least the minimum entitlement for PE, and in addition every year group takes part in mapped out enrichment opportunities in the form of festivals led and hosted by our Sports Partnership lead schools (The De Montford School and Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College), covering multiskills, gymnastics, rounders, athletics, cricket, indoor athletics, orienteering and golf.
In order to facilitate opportunities and motivation for becoming an elite sports person, we take part in as many competitions and friendly matches as possible, and take as many teams as we are able to take; not just taking our A Team. We field teams for all of our local School Games competitions, and every year our teams win many of these events and then go on represent South Worcestershire at the Youth Games events; where they also often win events. Where competition at national level is a possibility for our children, we work with them to train them up and then facilitate competing (with Holy Redeemer children having competed at national level in cross county running, hockey and swimming). Competition and match skills are further supported by regular opportunities to compete in school, and between schools.
Due to the school context, and the need to develop resilience, independence and life experiences for our pupils, our curriculum incorporates three opportunities for outdoor adventurous residential visits (Years 4, 5 and 6) and three opportunities for children to take part in, and compete in, bellboating (again Years 4, 5 and 6). In addition to this, we take all of our children swimming every year from Year 2 to Year 6, with additional intervention sessions for those who are not achieving expected milestones. Children in KS2, who aren’t able to ride a bike are identified and supported with lessons in school, delivered by the British Cycling, who provide all the necessary equipment, including bikes.

PE in the school is led by a PE specialist teacher, who teaches the majority of the PE across the school, supported by a dedicated PE teaching assistant. Other staff have PE specialisms in dance, hockey, fitness and yoga, and these skills are utilised within lessons as well as at before/after school clubs. Links have been established with sports clubs, coaches and the PE department at our local Catholic secondary school, and their expertise is used to support children’s progress and development in lessons, as well as to support staff development.
Healthy eating/living has a high priority in our curriculum, as does pupil leadership. We have an elected Sports Council, who take part in leadership training and organise and run intra-school completions, festivals and sports days, as well as leading assemblies. We also have a Change 4 Life Team, chosen by teachers, who have a dedicated, in school session each week, guided by the PE co-ordinator, where they learn about healthy eating and different types of exercise and then share this information with the rest of the school. They also plan and help to lead our Saturday Winter Walk, for families and staff.


The impact of our curriculum is monitored termly by the co-ordinator. Each child is assessed against a set of criteria, with a focus on children working to improve on their previous achievements. Pupil interviews tell jus that the children in the school tell us that they love PE and sport, and have ambitions to be sports people when they grow up. The children are also able to talk knowledgeably about their learning and progress in PE and about how to stay healthy.
The school's achievements in local, regional and national competitions are testament to the high quality provision, as is the very high take up in terms of before and after school clubs and the numbers of children accessing out of school PE/sports clubs. The PE co-ordinator at our feeder secondary school has given feedback on how well prepared our children are for the secondary curriculum and feedback from the School Sports co-ordinator is very positive.

‘We cannot teach people anything,
we can only help them discover it within themselves’
Galileo Galilei

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