At Holy Redeemer We LOVE Sport and PE!

PE and sport is a great strength of our school. We believe that physical fitness and the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of sporting activities, is vital for all children and a key contributor to good physical and mental health. Over their time at Holy Redeemer, children are introduced to a wide range of sports and physical activities and are given the necessary skills and drive to succeed. We have a talented and committed PE/sports teacher and TA, who teach and support learning in PE across the school, and who work with class teachers to run very well attended before and after school clubs. These PE staff also support class teachers to ensure they are not de-skilled, and together they provide a very high standard of provision for the children.  Alongside our own staff, we also employ sports coaches for specific areas of the curriculum (such as dance, bell-boating and golf) to enhance our provision and up-skill our staff in these areas. Our sports and PE provision is co-ordinated by our dedicated PE teacher, Mrs Annis, in conjunction with the Headteacher. Children are further supported in lessons by our dedicated PE teaching assistant and our elected Sports Council and the Change 4 Life Team. They even stretch out their impact into the wider community by organising weekend and before school events for parents, grandparents and family friends to join in with, such as their annual Winter Walk and our before school running club and associated charity Reindeer Run.

As part of our PE curriculum children are taught dance, athletics, gymnastics, rounders, golf, football, cross country running, hockey, swimming, tennis, orienteering, new age kurling, netball, basketball, rugby and outdoor adventurous activities. We take part in a wide variety of competitions and festivals in all these sports and regularly represent South Worcestershire in more than one event at the Worcestershire Youth Games. We have also competed at national level in swimming, hockey and cross country.

We have gained external validation for the quality of our provision by being awarded School Games Mark Gold. This year, having held the Gold award for three consecutive years, we will be eligible to apply for Platinum!


One of the things that we are really proud of, is the success that our children have in competitions with other schools. In year 5 and 6 we compete against middle schools, as the only primary school in the Pershore 3 tier system, and despite being the smallest in terms of numbers of pupils in those two year groups, our children regularly and consistently win medals and trophies. We complete across the full spectrum of sports and each year our pupils win local heats and go on to represent South Worcestershire at the Youth Games (often bringing back several trophies). We also compete at county level with our Catholic cluster of schools, in Under 9 & Under 11 football, netball, swimming and athletics; again with a high success rate. Each year some of our pupils go on to compete at national level in areas such as swimming, cross country and hockey. Our sports motto is ‘Reach for the Stars!’ Have a look at some of the trophies we currently hold and below that, the wide range of PE and sports opportunities that our children have been involved in across the school: