Welcome to Family Support

At Holy Redeemer we recognise that all families may need additional support at times. Providing this support is a priority for the school, as we know the important role that this also supports children in school and has a positive impact on their achievement and progress, as well as their emotional development.

Family Support

Meet the Staff

Claire Chatterton

(Welfare and Emotion Support TA)

Aimee Goode

(Academic Mentor)


Thrive’s vision is of a world in which children’s social and emotional needs are better understood and met.

Created to support this vision, the Thrive Approach is a dynamic, developmental and trauma-sensitive approach to meeting the emotional and social needs of children.

Family Thrive for Parents and Carers

Thrive can give you an insight in to why children behave like they do. The Thrive Approach can provide you with pointers to help create positive experiences that support their wellbeing and build their emotional resilience. We are not offering a parenting programme or yet more activities to fill the time. We’re offering you a guiding hand and reassurance.

One to One Drop in Sessions

Mrs Anderson is in school on Mondays and Wednesdays and is keen to encourage parents, who need support, to contact her a arrange a drop in at our community house, next door to the school. She is able to support parents in a variety of ways and it always there to lend a sympathetic ear and provide support herself, or signpost parents on to other services.


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