At Holy Redeemer we plan and teach an enquiry based creative curriculum that captures our pupils’ interests and imagination, making links between different areas of their learning. Through consultation with pupils, staff and parents, we have designed our own Holy Redeemer Curriculum Values, which will provide the warp through which we weave the content of the National Curriculum, to provide a rich and colourful tapestry of learning for our pupils. Last year we introduced Building Learning Power, where pupils will learn about the 6 Rs that will help them to become better learners (resilience, responsibility, reciprocity, resourcefulness, reflectiveness and readiness).

Here is a Powerpoint to explain Building Learning Power, within the context of our school. It breaks each of the 6 Rs down into their component characteristics.

For KS1 we broke these learning behaviours down and worked together to create characters that the children could try to be like (wonderfully brought to life by Mrs Breakwell). Hover over each image to find out the name of the character and the learning characteristic that they are helping the children to develop.

Phonics and Reading Scheme

For teaching phonics we are using Letters and Sounds and incorporate some elements of Floppy Phonics and Jolly Phonics. The reading scheme we principally use is Oxford Reading Tree.

Long Term Subject Plans

Follow this link for our long-term subject plans designed in line with the National Curriculum 2014. These are the topics for each class for the academic year 2018-19. Through these topics, Key Stages 1 and 2 will be delivering many curriculum subjects as part a cohesive unit of study. Reception Class will deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (for more detailed information, please see the class pages, or speak to your child’s class teacher):


As a Catholic school we teach a Catholic RE curriculum, based on the Diocesan RE Scheme. All year groups learn about different aspects of the key points in the liturgical year: Advent, Christmas, Lent, Holy Week, Easter and Pentecost as well being taught a unit on prayer, one on Creation and another on an alternative world religion. These are the other topics covered by specific year groups:

Reception: Baptism, People Who Help Us, People Who Care for Us

Year 1: Families and Celebrations, Following Jesus Today, Forgiveness, Sharing in Jesus’ Life, Healer and Teacher

Year 2: Old Testament Stories and Prayer, Sharing in the Life of Mary and the Disciples, Parables and Miracles, Special Celebrations, Our Church, The Mass

Year 3: Belonging: We Gather as God’s Family, Reconciliation, The Eucharist is a Thanksgiving to God, We Listen to God’s Word at Mass

Year 4: The Story of Abraham to Joseph, Jesus: The Light of the World and Beloved Son, Jesus Teaches us How to Pray, Old Testament: Moses to King David, Sharing in the Life of Christ: the Church as a Community, Special Roles and Responsibilities

Year 5: Marriage and Holy Orders, Miracles and the Sacrament of the Sick, Parables and Sayings of Jesus, The Work of the Apostles, Baptism

Year 6: Confirmation: Celebrations of the Holy Spirit, Belonging to the Church Community, Celebrating the Life of Mary and The Saints

Modern Foreign Language

French is taught across the school from Year 3-6. See our’ French’ page for more information, or follow the links from the class pages to find out about a particular year group.


Music is taught across the school, from Year 1 upwards, by our specialist music teachers, Mr Lister and Mrs Hazelton.  Music Curriculum 2019-20

For more information about our curriculum, look out for curriculum newsletters from class teachers and view the Class pages of the website.