Welcome to Holy Redeemer

Grow in Faith and Love

We were all given a special feature of Pershore to research. We could present our work in any way we wanted; some drew pictures, wrote stories and poems, made fact files and leaflets, and more. Have a look at our work. We were very proud as we presented our work to each other and talked about how we did our research.

Today we enjoyed a session of Street dance with Stuart. We loved the music and danced our very best.

We have been inspired by the story of Littleboat by Thomas Docherty. We studied the front cover and painted our own settings for the story. We used a skill of horizontal mixing, directly onto the paper, to blend the sea and sky together. As we painted we talked about different words that described the setting.

Year 1 started their new geography topic with a walk around Pershore.

We took lots of photos of different landmarks so we can investigate them over the next few weeks. We tried to decide if they were physical (natural) or human (man-made) features.

Have a look at some of the places we found. Can you spot where they are in Pershore?