Welcome to Year 1

Meet the Staff

Mr Hawtree- Class Teacher

Mrs Breakwell – Teaching Assistant

Miss Thorley – Teaching Assistant 

Welcome Letter 

Dear Parents / Carers,

I am so pleased to be welcoming you and your child to Year 1. I am very excited to be meeting you and getting to know you and your family as the year progresses. Our teaching assistant support will be provided by Mrs Breakwell in the mornings and Miss Thorley in the afternoons.

In preparation for September, children could be practising or revising the following things:

  • Phase 2, and 3 sounds as well as tricky / common exception words;
  • Writing their own name, using a capital letter at the start and forming all the letters correctly;
  • Writing a few sentences (phonetically) ensuring they use capital letters at the start of a sentence, finger spaces and full stops;
  • Reading as much as possible;
  • Counting 1-20 (and beyond if appropriate), forwards and backwards;
  • Counting and grouping objects;
  • Number bonds to 10.

In September, our first topic will be fairytales.  As a piece of summer holiday unhomework, please read some fairly tales and ask your child to choose their favourite to draw/act out and video/write/make models of, to share with the rest of the class in September.

After half term, we will also be focusing on the town of Pershore and also the seasons of the year. This may require walking to local areas so please ensure that you have signed the relevant off site forms and then if we do go out, I can inform you of this by text.

Although we have an open door policy within school, it can often be difficult to meet with parents at the start of the day. If you are able to send a message via the office, that would be very much appreciated, but if you require a more in depth conversation then a time can be arranged for after 3.15pm.

Kind regards,

Russell Hawtree


Please find links to phase 2 and 3 phonics mats as well as phase 2-4 tricky words and Year 1 common exception words.