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Year 4 have been learning about lots of things like sports, events such as swimming football, tennis, netball and hockey teams!

Anglo Saxons Facts

The Anglo Saxons were good farmers. Many farmers were also sometimes warriors: warrior-farmers.

The farmers were good at their work. The farmers were great traders with other people, trading their produce for other items that they needed. On many large farms there were serfs, who worked on the farm for their food and somewhere to live. Anglo Saxon people were good at war. Young people had to go on the war trail even old people. The war trail was very dangerous it’s even more dangerous when a child.

These farmers were great at ploughing!

These Anglo-Saxons were farmers

These people were great warriors. Warriors were good at doing farming, fighting and protecting. So doing all of these things there is one more thing… TRADING, they are good at trading food, armour and lots of other stuff like that. So as you know you now know basically all the stuff and facts about Anglo-Saxons.

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