We learnt about people in the Old Testament, who had a special relationship with God. They are all people who God asked to do difficult things. Because they trusted in God and believed in him, they were all able to achieve amazing things.

We wrote our versions of the stories of Noah and David, drew a storyboard to tell the story of Abraham (using speech and though bubbles to show how Abraham and Isaac might have been feeling), and thought about Jonah’s attitude at different points in his story. We also thought about how we, like all of them, are called to do something special with our lives and how we can serve God in our own ways…


We learnt about special songs, that are also prayers, called Psalms. We read Psalm 23 and thought about what it means, drawing pictures to illustrate different parts of it.

We read some psalms of praise and had a go at writing our own:
We also read some other psalms and illustrated some verses from them.

To finish off the unit the children were asked to choose their favourite Old Testament story and paint or draw their favourite scene from it.


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