New Morning Arrangements

From Monday, we are making some changes to the way in which children come into school in the morning. As part of our continual efforts to improve safeguarding in the school, we will not be opening the playground gates at all in the mornings.

Breakfast Club Children
There will be no change to arrangements for children coming to Breakfast Club; they will still be able to arrive any time after 7:40am and go into Breakfast Club. They will then go onto the locked playground with a member of Breakfast Club staff, or into class at as usual (unless it is wet, when they will all go straight to class).

Key Stage 2 Children
Should they wish to, parents will still be able to drop off KS2 children a little early (no earlier than 8:40 please), and they will be able to come into school through the main entrance and go onto the playground until 8:50, when the member of staff at Breakfast Club will send them into class, (unless it is wet, when they will all go straight to class).

Key Stage 1 Children
Key Stage 1 children will come straight into school, via the main entrance, from 8:45, as we have done previously on wet mornings, where the member of staff on duty will be waiting to welcome them into school. The children will go straight into class, as they have been used to doing when it has been raining.

Pre-school children will be able to come into school via the side gate into the corral, which will be opened by a member of pre-school staff at 9:00.
Thank you, in advance, for your support and co-operation with these new arrangements. They are being put in place, as always, with the best interests of the children at heart, and with a view to making the best arrangements possible in order to keep the children safe.

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