We LOVE Music & Drama!

Music and drama are key strengths of the school. Children are offered the full breadth of the curriculum throughout the school, capitalising on the knowledge and expertise of music specialist staff. Alongside excellence in whole class music teaching, we have a team of peripatetic music teachers who teach one to one or small group lessons in; piano, brass, woodwind, singing, violin, ukulele and guitar. Once pupils reach a basic proficiency they join the school band, which practises before school on Thursdays and performs at school, parish and community events. We are so committed to the importance of music that we pay not only for all of our Pupil Premium children to have lessons, but also the first half term of any pupil taking on a new instrument. We have invested in a wide range of instruments that we loan out to pupils to practise on at home during their years at the school.

We love to sing and choir is so popular that we now have a junior (Years 3 & 4) and senior (Years 5 & 6) choir. These choirs sing at school, parish and community events, including the Chairman of the council’s choir service, the Victorian Fayre in Worcester, and at local sheltered housing and care homes.

Drama plays a big part in teaching at Holy Redeemer, from hot seating and role play in English and RE, to termly class assemblies and annual whole school/Key Stage performances. Each class, from Reception to Year 6 perform at least three times a year, and by the time children leave the school they are confident and accomplished public speakers and performers.

We have gained external validation for the quality of our provision by being awarded Music Mark.