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It was a warm September. The children were fresh faced and full of energy and so were the adults. We all eagerly awaited the arrival of the bus, parents waved good bye as we paraded past with all our bags, and we were off to Malvern! The journey felt longer than an hour and the children were loud with excitement. Eventually we got there and trekked down to the Centre. We met our leaders, chose our beds and got ready for our first activity…Grass Sledging.
Grass Sledging was amazing and definitely a good activity for the group to start with. The children had huge smiles on their faces as they flew down the hill and the even bigger grins walking back up the hills. They also helped each other carry the sledge up after pushing them down at super speeds! I’m not sure how it happened, but Mr Perry and I ended up going on the sledges too. I think the children may have secretly wondered what would have happened if Mr Perry or I hadn’t stopped as there was a small lake at the bottom of the hill. Luckily we did stop, so we’ll have to let their imaginations work that one out! Some of the group had their first go at orienteering. They were fantastically quick at finding the answers and worked well in their teams. All in all, a brilliant afternoon to start our adventures at Malvern.

The activities the children loved most (we discovered after our data collection activity at school) were the Quad Pole and King Swing. Obviously Year 4 are a class of thrill seekers! One of Miss Taylor’s most memorable moments was when Zac conquered the Quad Pole, I don’t think the grin has left his face yet! For me, I was impressed with the sheer determined nature of all the children and how they literally threw themselves into both activities. Nyah was the first to go on the King Swing and you would have thought she did it every day! The other children were exactly the same. Mr Hawtree was brave enough to give them both ago, but he did appear to go a little bit pale when got to the top. Mr Perry just spent his time swinging around. I think he liked the view.

One of the calmer activities was archery. Again, the children were amazing at this and were definitely hitting the targets more frequently than the adults. I remember Lori concentrating really hard and by the end of the session she was like Robin Hood. Tobie even managed a bullseye.  

I was really proud of the children. They did brilliantly in all the activities and worked well as a team. Additionally, they packed their own lunches, made their own beds, kept their dorms tidy and went to bed at reasonable times too. They were just amazing. Thank you Year 4! I would also like to say thank you to all the school staff who went on the trip and supported the children wonderfully. Finally, I would like to say thank you to the staff at West Malvern who kept us all safe and happy!
Here is just a small selection of some of the other photos we took:


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