Life Cycle of a Frog: Pre-school

Last week in Hopscotch it was all about tadpoles and frogs.  The children had a trip to the eco garden to see the frogspawn, then Ellie collected some to put in our tank in preschool, so we can watch it develop.  We have enjoyed learning all about a frog’s lifecycle through art, craft, music and dance, as well as reading lots of books.  We learned how to jump like frogs using both hands and feet together. We have listened to many books to do with frogs, comparing fiction and information books to help us understand the lifecycle.

In maths we have begun to sort 2D and 3D shapes and used our lily pads to count and measure and in Concept Cat we have understood the word ‘lots’…we commented that there were lots of tadpoles now! 

For our altar table we mixed salt dough and cut crosses and hearts, thinking about symbols.  We enjoyed learning how to mix the colour purple, for Lent, so that we could paint them after they were baked.

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