Leavers 2021

Our Year 6 pupils celebrated their time at Holy Redeemer today with a service of thanksgiving this morning and a part this afternoon. 

The service was very moving, with the children all bringing up to the altar something that represented their learning and/or achievements over their time with us:

“The children who are leaving will now bring a symbol to the altar, which they have chosen to represent themselves and their time in Holy Redeemer. With this symbol they thank God for Holy Redeemer and they place their future lives, their hopes, fears and dreams into the loving hands of Jesus, who will walk beside them on their journey.

Verse I of Take me Lord

Olivia and Paige bring the circle of friends and Julia the leavers’ book. They have made lots of friends during their time at Holy Redeemer and have learned to be a good friend to others.

Kyle and Millie bring a medal they won at sport to represent their many achievements and successes. They have grown in resilience and sportsmanship.

Scarlett brings a paintbrush. She is very artistic and has a great love of art. Reuben and Kieron bring a pen to represent their love of writing.

Ryan brings an ipad as he has developed good IT skills and lily brings a calculator as she feels she has made excellent progress in maths and she now enjoys the subject.

Verse 2 of Take me Lord

Anya brings her piano book. Music has been a very important part of her life at Holy Redeemer. Phoebe brings her literacy book. English is her favourite subject and she wants to be an author.

William and Alex have both chosen to bring a favourite book. They have developed a real love for reading during their time at Holy Redeemer.

Tulisa brings a netball medal. She believes that while taking part in sport here, she has learned the skills of team work and good sportsmanship.

 Jacob brings his ant farm. He has enjoyed Science and has developed the skills of questioning and investigating. Seb brings a plant. He has learned to look after the environment as God’s creation.

Thomas brings a leaf and Anne brings some seeds. They feel they have grown in so many ways during the past 7 years.

 Sing Verse 3 of Take me Lord

Zofia brings her love crystals to represent the love she has given and received during her time her.  Abi brings her Values’ Council badge. She has been very involved in fundraising and learned to care for those less fortunate. 

Dylan and Ronan bring their Dungeons and Dragons book. Playing the game with Mr Hall has developed their imagination and helped them to make good friends.

Tom brings a dictionary. He has developed a real love of language and loves learning new words.

Piotr and Bianca bring an Alton Castle band. The trip has been a memorable experience of their time with us.  

Avani brings a candle. She has spread the light of Jesus in school and has learned that even when things are difficult his light still shines. Olivia brings our believe prayer stone. She feels that being in Holy Redeemer has helped her to overcome her fears and to believe in herself.

We  bring all our leavers to the altar and place them in your care O Lord.

Sing Verse 1 again”


The children all wore their leavers’ hoodies, organised by Mrs Webley…

then in the afternoon they celebrated with a leavers’ party, again organised by Mrs Webley thank you!

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