Key Stage 1 Nativity

This Year’s nativity was called Born in a Barn, and we were guided through the story by the creatures living in and around the stable.
There was quite a commotion in Bethlehem when the animals realised that there was a baby in their barn. They were very keen to find out who this couple were and why they had suddenly arrived in their stable. As the stable began to fill up with camels and sheep who had come to visit the new baby king, the animals began to realise how lucky they had been to share their barn with such an important baby.
Thank you to everyone involved in preparing the children, costumes or set, to all the children’s family and friends who came along to support them at their performances. By buying tickets you helped us to raise £474, which we will be able to spend on new resources for the children.
A special thank you to the children for all their hard work and for helping us to prepare for the joy of Christmas once more.

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