Hopscotch: Nursery Rhyme Week

This week in Hopscotch saw the start of our Nursery Rhymes topic, and we started with the book ‘Incy WIncy Spider’ by Kate Toms.  We asked questions, such as ‘How many legs does a spider have?’ ‘Where do spiders live?’ ‘What do spiders eat?’ to learn key facts about spiders.  We used equipment to look for and record where we found webs and spiders. 

There were plenty of counting opportunities for maths, using our fine motor skills to capture pompom spiders and count their legs.  We compared 2D and 3D shapes, and investigated vocabulary such as roll and slide as our shapes went down the drain pipe.  We made glittery spider webs with glue to draw and mark-make anti clockwise spirals, needed for our writing skills. 

We investigated which materials were waterproof and that might keep our spiders dry when it rained.  The children talked about the water coming out of the drainpipe and through the material.

For our gross motor skill physical development, we pretended we were spiders and climbed through our own spider web, making sure we controlled our legs and arms, solving the web problem of how to not get caught.

Listening skills are very important for us, and we worked on these by showing how we know the initial sounds in words.  This week we found objects that began with ‘s’ and those that didn’t match.  We also enjoyed using the special spider stampers.  I wonder what nursery rhyme we will learn with next week?



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