Hopscotch: More Pirates!

Hopscotch have been enjoying centring their learning around Pirates and the children wanted to continue, as we hadn’t read all of our chosen books. Last week was therefore another pirate-themed week!

The children were excited to use large construction to make pretend boats, and adapted them to sail on our imaginary seas. The children looked at pictures of different types of boats then decided if they wanted to add oars, sail or portholes etc.    

Mark-making was a strong focus last week, with the younger children exploring using their whole hands to grip their pencils.  They enjoyed decorating their end-of-year folders with their own choice of picture, while the older children concentrated on coping their names.  The children also used their fine motor control to make up pirate necklaces, threading with gold and silver painted pasta pieces.  Some pirates even made repeating patterns.

Children made use of their excellent counting skills in maths, by counting out the correct number of salt dough coins into the correct treasure chest.  One of their favourite activities to do has been ‘walking the plank’, which they did in their physical sessions.  They showed good perseverance and challenged themselves to find different ways to use their feet and legs to balance and jump.  Everyone volunteered to jump into the ‘rocky seas’, but luckily no pirates were hurt in the process!

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