Help! There’s a Viking in Our School!

Today Year 4 were visited by a Viking! The children enjoyed a morning of role play and at the same time their history knowledge of Viking society, beliefs and civilisation was broadened, as they were transported back to AD 793. 

The children got into character by creating their own names and practised saying them in their scary, Viking voices. They spent some of the morning learning about Viking beliefs and their Gods. They worked in groups to chose a God and represent them in a freezeframe. 

Over the course of the morning, amongst other things, they learnt how to build and crew a long boat, and then sailed away across the sea on a Viking raid to Lindisfarne, tossed this way and that on the stormy waves! On the way they played some Viking games and made up riddles for each other, like the Viking raiders would have done.

They finished off by sitting round the ‘camp fire’ and listening to Viking sagas, just like the Vikings would have done.

Thank you to the PTA for part funding the session. 

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