Government Childcare Choices Campaign

Over a million families in the UK are entitled to support from the government, with the costs of childcare,  but many are missing out because they do not realise they are eligible.

To try and support as many parents as possible, particularly at a time when the cost of living is a concern to people, the Department for Education are continuing the campaign to increase awareness of the support families could be entitled to.

Holy Redeemer School is signed up to the Government childcare voucher scheme, which means that any parents that use breakfast Club, After School Club, or pre-school can pay us using childcare vouchers. The benefit to parents is that they can sign up for a regular sum (up to a maximum of £243 per parent) to be taken from their wages before they are taxed on them, which means they pay less tax. Tax-Free Childcare is available to parents with children under 12 (or 17 if disabled). Childcare vouchers allow each parent to not pay some income tax and national insurance.

Find out if you’re eligible and how to claim, here:

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