Gingerbread Week at Pre-school

Gingerbread Week was very exciting, involving lots of problem solving and exploration of ideas! The children used shape dice to help them create a gingerbread man, by rolling the dice to see which shapes they could use. This really encouraged them to be creative and think of different ways to put the shapes together.

Another exciting problem solving activity during the week was to investigate what happens when gingerbread becomes we. The class did this by putting gingerbread biscuits into different hot and cold liquids, to see what would happen. The children were really interested to find out that in all of the liquids the gingerbread dissolved (a great new science word to add to our vocabularies), but that the speed at which they dissolved was different depending on which liquid it was and also whether it was hot, or not. 

Across the week the children had lots of opportunities to choose different types of resources to create their own gingerbread man  with, as well as developing fine motor skills by lacing gingerbread men. Everyone’s favourite activity however (especially Leah’s) was making -and eating- our own gingerbread men. You will be pleased to hear that our gingerbread men did not run away from us!

The children developed their maths by playing Gingerbread Man Numerals, by placing correct amount of buttons on different gingerbread men, to match their numeral.

In PE this week we had great fun in the hall, climbing the tall apparatus and jumping off of benches, to enhance physical development and gross motor skills.

In Pre-school our class saints are the Holy Family (Jesus, Mary and Joseph). This week we learnt more about them in RE and did some Holy Family colouring to work on fine motor skills.

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