Fundraising for El Salvador

Fundraising for El Salvador  
Following a very inspiring talk by Bron Soanes, founder of ACES (Aid for Children in El Salvador), Class 6 decided to find out more about the country. We realised that the information we received from Bron was very different and a lot less positive than that found on tourist websites. Therefore, we decided to create our own tourist leaflets. Bron then invited us to give a presentation on our learning at a fundraising evening for ACES on Tuesday 22nd September 2015. We wrote poems which compared life in the UK to life in El Salvador. We  learned hymns in Spanish and found out a lot about the composer Guillermo Cuellar. We also did some drama set in a travel agency about travelling to El Salvador. The evening, which was attended by Archbishop Bernard Longley, the Archbishop of Birmingham, was a great success and the ACES committee raised £1 123.50. We were delighted to play a part in this very special evening and to support ACES in the work they are doing to rescue children from the streets of El Salvador and provide them with an education. We enjoyed finding out more about the lives of children in San Salvador. It made us realise how lucky we are to live in our country. We will continue to do some fundraising for ACES as we think Bron is one of the most inspiring people we have ever met.


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