SUMMER Term 2019

During the Summer term, Year Five will be learning about the rooms in the house. Keep a look out for any of their work below.

SPRING Term 2019

During the Spring term, Year Five learnt about clothes. They created verbal and written phrases about clothes they wear for school and clothes they wear during the winter or summer. They used adjectives to describe the colour of their clothes and learnt how masculine and feminine nouns determine which adjective to use.

AUTUMN Term 2018

Year Five have revised how to say things about themselves, including their name, age and where they live.
They have begun to learn about the family and will be continuing this over the next few weeks through a variety of games and activities. Here they are creating phrases to explain who is in their family:

Take a look at one of the topics that last year’s Year Five took part in

Summer Term 2018

This half term Year Five have been reading the story “Au Magasin Des Animaux” (At the Pet Shop).  They have revised animals and sorted these into masculine and feminine groups.  They have also begun to create their own versions of the story.

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