Free Courses for All Parents

We are delighted to let you know about details of a series of free courses for parents, topics range
from pregnancy to the teenage brain and everything in between. The FREE online courses have been
developed by psychologists and professionals and are highly rated.

They are designed to help you understand your child’s feelings, as well as focus on your own feelings
as you go through life as a family. You will also learn to understand the changes in your child’s
development and how to make the most out of each relationship.

We wholeheartedly recommend these courses – they are for everyone, for everyday parenting. They
don’t tell you how to parent, that’s up to you. Instead, they give you a framework for understanding
what might be going on and space to think about how you want to respond.

They are for ALL parents, carers, grandparents and teens because we all need a bit of headspace and
thinking time occasionally. You will also find some courses have been translated into a variety of
languages including Welsh, Urdu, Polish, Bulgarian, Somali, Chinese and Arabic.

The latest course is
“Understanding the Impact of the Pandemic on Your Child”

Explore the courses here

The password to access the courses is: PARENTSROCK.

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