Eco Council: Switch off Fortnight

The Eco Council have signed us up for Switch off Fortnight. They started the two week energy saving period with an assembly, on Monday, to share information on how we can all help. During the fortnight we will all be doing our best to switch things off and use less electricity. The children will monitor our energy usage to measure the impact of our efforts in school. They also gave us lots pf ideas for how we can reduce our energy usage at home, such as putting on a jumper, closing any open windows or doors, turning off the lights when you leave a room, making sure nobody else has left the lights on in an empty room, making sure you’re using energy efficient lightbulbs, not overfilling the kettle (only boiling the amount of water you need each time), using a bowl for washing up, rather than rinsing dirty items under a running tap, putting lids on pans when they’re bubbling on the hob (as they’ll boil quicker), looking for energy efficient models when buying new appliances, washing with only full loads, and not leaving appliances in standby mode, as this still uses power!
What a lot of great ideas. Thank you Eco Council and Mrs Barker.
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