Eco Council Garden Centre Visit

Yesterday Mrs Sanders and Miss Hodges took our older Eco Councillors over to Webbs Garden Centre to talk to their fish and axolotl expert. They took with them a sample of the water in the school tank that they had set up, ready for our axolotl. When the water was tested it was too acidic, so the lady explained to the children what they would need to do to get the water at the right levels. She also gave them a leaflet to take back to school, all about how to care for an axolotl. 

The children were really keen to take advantage of meeting the garden centre’s expert, and asked her lots of questions. They now know what they need to do to get the water in our tank right, and are well prepared for looking after our new pet when they arrive.

Whilst there, the children also chose some new fish for pre-school, which they carefully brought back to school and put in the fish tank. Thank you Eco Council!

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