Eco Assembly: No Plastic July

Last week the Eco Council and Mrs Barker did an assembly on how we can reduce the amount of plastic we use. They focussed on reusing plastic and reducing the amount we use. They told the school that although plastic can be recycled, only 9% of plastic sent for recycling is actually recycled!

The Eco Council set us all the challenge of reducing the amount of plastic brought in lunchboxes and shared some great ways to do this, including using beeswax wraps for sandwiches, reusing plastic sandwich containers or paper bags (instead of single use cling film) and bringing a metal water bottle instead of a plastic one).

Following on from this assembly the Eco Council monitored lunch boxes one lunchtime to see what difference their information had made. They were really really pleased to see that there was a lot less single use plastic in the lunchboxes. Well done Everyone!

Join us in the fight against plastic: visit Plastic Changemakers – Breteau Foundation

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