One of the most important stories in the Gospel is the Resurrection of Jesus. We read Luke 24: 1-12 and John 20: 1-18 and discussed the two accounts, making list of their similarities and noting differences:

We wrote the story of the Resurrection as if we were Mary Magdalene or Peter and about their thoughts and feelings.

We also wondered about why Mary didn’t recognise Jesus straight away and how Jesus might have been different after He rose from the dead:

We learnt about symbolism related to Easter…

…and used these symbols to create posters proclaiming the Resurrection of Jesus:

We looked at the Paschal Candle, that is first lit each year at the Easter Vigil, and talked about the symbolism on it.

We then applied our knowledge and understanding of the symbolism of Easter, with that of the Paschal Candle, to design and make our own model Paschal Candles:

We wrote prayers to Jesus, thanking him for dying on the cross to redeem our sins:

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