Colours and Tools in Pre-school

In pre-school last week the children continued their learning on colours and making marks,  as well as exploring using different tools. They used a rolling pin, to combine different colours and create a new colour, and  made paint tracks using trains, to leave marks. Sensory play involved mixing red and yellow frozen paint with rice to create orange rice! We even used our knowledge of colours to help match pairs of socks together and explore sponge printing.
The change in the weather produced an unplanned learning opportunity and allowed us to investigate ice and the cold. We used the computer to find out information on which animals like the cold weather and ice! We found a reindeer on the computer, which then led to a child-initiated Christmas song and dance time.
Concept Cat was learning all about the word ‘corner’, we supported his learning by constructing houses and towers from blocks and looking closely at the corners with him. 
In phonics we explored different instruments and the sounds they make; we even created our very own band!
The story ‘Rosie’s Walk’ supported the children’s learning on prepositions and they acted out the story to demonstrate their understanding of; ‘under’, ‘over’, ‘beside’ and ‘on top’…another busy week!
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