Pioneer Centre Visit 2024

Building Learning Power

The children in Year Three will all been given a Building Learning Power target. Building Learning Power is split into the 6 “Rs”, which are:

  • Resilience (managing distractions, being focussed on learning, persevering);
  • Responsibility (talking or writing about what we have done well and what we need to do to improve);
  • Reflectiveness (planning what we are going to do and the best way to do it, remembering things we have learnt and applying these in our learning);
  • Resourcefulness (making links between things we have already learned, trying out new ways of doing things, using resources or equipment to help our learning);
  • Reciprocity (sharing ideas with others, listening to others, understanding feelings of others)
  • Readiness (organising ourselves so we are ready to learn, managing and controlling feelings.