Christmas Card Eco Challenge

What’s the Problem?

If every child in a class of 30 wrote a card for all of their classmates, there would be 870 cards written in just that one class! Imagine what the total would be for a whole school…

Our Diocesan Education Service have challenged us to see if we can listen to the voice of creation, and reduce the number of Christmas cards we send, in order to reduce our waste and carbon footprint. Here are some ideas they have send us. Each class is going to talk about the need to look after the planet and why it is a good thing to reduce the number of Christmas cards we send. They are also going to vote on which one of the following suggestions they will do within their class:

  • write on class card, instead of individual cards;
  • use recycled cards;
  • upcycle last year’s cards, to make postcards;
  • Secret Santa cards (pull out a name and that’s who you make a card for);
  • make a class display of everyone’s Christmas pictures and messages;
  • make Christmas cards, using recycled materials, rather than buy them;
  • draw a Christmas picture for friends on scrap paper instead.

These are all great ideas. The children are hoping that parents and other members of the community will take up the challenge too! see which idea you think you might do.


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