Celebrations at Pre-school

Our learning this week was based around celebrating Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day and Chinese New Year. 
The story “Mr Wolf’s Pancakes” by Jan Fearnley supported our play, with many of us taking on the roles of the characters. We decided to change the ending of the story and said that we all would share the pancakes. We enjoyed pancake and fruit snack every day and also had the opportunity to explore the ingredients needed to make pancake batter in a sensory play activity.  We also had pancake races and we all cheered on each other, displaying great community spirit. 
To celebrate Chinese New Year, we danced to Chinese music, made lanterns, Chinese drums and dragon models! We also watched a CBeebies clip all about how they celebrate this in China. 
For Valentine’s Day we thought about our family and our friends, who we love. We created mosaic pictures and used paint to make handprints to make flower pictures.
Concept Cat was learning all about the concept, ‘between’ and we helped him by placing him ‘between’ his friends on the carpet. We also practised this concept in other activities, we are all very clever and now display an understanding of this word. 
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