Discord is a communication tool for gamers. It has a 13+ age restriction on it because it allows users to enter what they call ‘servers’ to talk with other gamers. It also allows for private messages and private video chats. As all of our children 
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This week’s challenge is a computing challenge, linked to staying safe online. Have a look at the poster below and create a resource that we can post on the website and Facebook pages to help other children stay safe online. Please send your videos, animations, 
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We have been asked to share the poster below, warning of the dangers of courier fraud, particularly for older and vulnerable people. Please read the poster and share the information with anyone who you feel might be at risk.
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Please have a look at this leaflet concerning Worcestershire’s ‘Get Safe’ campaign. More information can be found on the LA website below: http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/getsafe Get_Safe_leaflet_for_parents (1)
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