Car Week at Pre-school

This term we are using the story book, ‘The Journey Home from Grandpa’s’ as an overarching learning theme. Each week we are then exploring different forms of transport. This week the learning opportunities were based around cars, journeys that we make and signs within the environment.  Due to the frosty weather we also spontaneously investigated the frost and ice! We found some beautiful spider webs and enjoyed walking across the, ‘crunchy, crunchy’ grass.
We looked at different signs together and discussed the meaning of them. We described the shapes and the numbers that we could see in each one. Outside we also found and discussed further signs, including the welcome sign and the green arrows for the one-way system. 
We used various construction materials to build houses from the story, using fantastic imagination and turn taking with friends. 
The making station allowed us to create paper cars and add the desired number of wheels and windows. We used paint to explore the tracks the cars make when pushed through paint. 
Together, as a group, we are all practicing representing numbers with our fingers, this week we sang, ‘Five Currant Buns’ and used our fingers to help us know how many buns were left. We are getting very good at this and went on to use our fingers in other songs and math questions.
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